Movement is life!
Alessandro Boccaletti

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Everything is what it is because it got that way.
D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson
Good evening, Lord Corwin,' said the lean, cadaverous figure who rested against a storage rack, smoking his pipe, grinning around it.Good evening, Roger. How are things in the nether world?'A rat, a bat, a spider. Nothing much else astir. Peaceful.'You enjoy this duty?'He nodded.I am writing a philosophical romance shot through with elements of horror and morbidity. I work on those parts down here.
Roger Zelazny
Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!
Neil Gaiman
Time is the skin of existence.
Renzo Dante (Saligiare)
Alessandro Boccaletti

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